We want to tell people it’s not too late, and they should take advantage of the old rules before some controversial citizenship reforms take effect next June (2015). All the changes were rushed through so quickly that people are confused. Those who are eligible today may not be eligible tomorrow. Many people have lived here

How many of you have heard of Bill C-24, the new citizenship Act? We are writing to explain about the changes that are about to take effect. We are advising you to file your application as soon as possible if you are already eligible. When Canada enacted the new law in June, many, including front

Changes to Citizenship Laws

Tuesday, 09 September 2014 by

When considering the significant change to immigration laws recently that allow the government to revoke the PR status of individuals convicted of criminal offences in more circumstances, and at times without the right of appeal. The most notable changes to qualifying for citizenship are; A PR must now reside in Canada for 4 yrs out