Changes to Citizenship Laws

by / Tuesday, 09 September 2014 / Published in Citizenship

Permanent Residents 

When considering the significant change to immigration laws recently that allow the government to revoke the PR status of individuals convicted of criminal offences in more circumstances, and at times without the right of appeal.
The most notable changes to qualifying for citizenship are; A PR must now reside in Canada for 4 yrs out of the last 6 years; she or he must demonstrate intent to reside in Canada at the time of their application until its final. Determination; language and Canadian knowledge requirements will apply to applicants aged 14 to 64; and application fees will triple.

Canadian citizens 

The amendments allow the minister to strip the citizenship of dual citizens convicted of certain offences such as treason, spaying or terrorism. Most provisions authorizing revocation of citizenship are base on conviction in Canada
The new amendments also authorize the revocation of citizenship for convictions abroad such as for crimes of terrorism. When one considers that acts of civil disobedience and protest come under the offence of terrorism, the significance of this provision is alarming.

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