Manitoba Provencial Nominee Program for business

dsc_5524 In order to apply to Manitoba provincial Nominee Program for business (PNP-B), a prospective applicant must submit ab Expression of Interest (EOI) and  receive from the ONP-B to app;y. An EOI is not an application and there is no fee for the submission of an EOI. An EOI  is an indication that you would like to be considered for Nomination Application to the PNP-B. After you submit an EOI to the PNP-B will select the highest scoring applicants from the EOI pool and issue them letter of advice to apply

Program Requirements

prednisone for purchase Permanent Residency allows applicant and his/her family to reside, work and attend school in Manitoba Speedy provincial and federal processing

Applicant may apply for citizenship after 4 years

Investor Qualification

intend to settle Manitoba alone with  his/her dependent family members.

Make an Eligible Business Investment in Manitoba; and attend interview with PNP-B officer

Be between 21 years and 54 years of age

Have a minimum three years of successful business ownership and management experience or a minimum threee

Have Basic proficiency in English (ITELS 4.0 or GREATER) Or french

Business immigrants are required to have legally earned or obtained net worth of at least CAD$350,000

Minimum Investment requirement for Manitoba is  CAD$150.000.00 in addition to the cad$100.000.00 Refundable deposit


CAD$250.000.00(including the $100.000.00 conditionally_Refundable Escrow Deposit)

Refund of Escrow Deposit after applicant resides in Manitoba for 2 years and invest CAD$150.000.00 In Manitoba Business