Quebec Entrepreneur Program


Quebec Entrepreneur Program

  • Possess,individually or with an accompanying, a minimum net worth of CAN $300,000 obtained legally
  • Have qualifying management experience in a lawful and profitable business for at least two out of the five years preceding the submission of an application, where the applicant,where the applicant, alone or with a spouse, controlled at least 25% of equity
  • present one of  the two components in the application:
    • submit a business project with the propose of creation or acquiring a business in Quebec that the applicant will manage himself/herself or that that he/she will participate in as management and operations partner on a daily basis. the applicant must control, alone or with his/her accompanying spouse or common-law spouse, at least 25% of the capital equity with a value of at least CAD$100,000
    • Acquire in Quebec, alone or with an accompanying spouse or common-low spouse, at least 25% of the capital equity in business with value of at least CAD$100,000. The applicantmust manager the business himself/herself or participate in it as management and operations  partner on a daily basis

Intake Period

  • Applications can be submitted starting April 1,2016 until the quota is reached
  • the maximum quota of applications is fixed at 50. Applications that exceed this limit will be returned
  • Applicants who demonstrate of french, are not subject to this maximum number of applications and can be submit their application at any time. These applications will receive priority processing  

Government Fees

amsa fast orlistat The government fee schedule for applications under Entrepreneur program is as follows:

Principle applicant:                        CAD$1045

Spouse or de facto spouse:            CAD$166

Dependent child:                            CAD$166

Selection Grid

Selection Factor Points
Business Project Max. 30points
Ability in French / English Langues Max. 22 points
Education Max. 14 points
Business Experience Max. 12points
Financial Resources Max. 10 points
Business Experience Max. 10points
Study and Family in Quebec Max. 8 points
Adaptibility Max.5 points
Financial Self-sufficiency Max. 1 points
Total Max. 112 points
Pass mark Update MTT 032813.pdf?s= 50 or 60 points depending on chosen component